What is PACE?

PACE, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, is designed to help older adults with complex physical or medical needs remain living independently in their homes and communities. PACE integrates the delivery of health care, supportive services, and socialization to people who would otherwise require nursing home-level care. PACE provides older individuals, their family, caregivers, and professional healthcare providers with the flexibility to meet the participant’s needs in the community.

An interdisciplinary care team of professionals provides and coordinates health care and services and works hand-in-hand with the participant to develop a personalized care plan. These professionals are experts in working with older adults.

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PACE Eligibility

Who is Eligible to Join a PACE Program?

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are 55 years of age or older.
  • You live in the service area of a PACE organization.
  • You are certified as meeting the need for a nursing home-level of care.
  • You are able to live safely in the community with the help of PACE services at the time of enrollment.

To learn more, contact one of our PACE Navigators at 855.801.2653, TTY: 711, or click here to be contacted by phone or email.

How to Enroll

BoldAge PACE Engagement Navigators will guide you through the enrollment process. They can answer questions about our services, provide a tour of the center, introduce you to providers, and help you understand if PACE is right for you.

BoldAge PACE conducts home visits to assess your home environment, ensuring you can live safely in your home with PACE assistance upon enrollment. Our clinical staff meet with you to discuss your medical history and requirements. Additionally we verify your care needs with state guidelines to ensure PACE eligibility.

Our BoldAge PACE Engagement Navigators will submit your application to the state for approval into the PACE program. Upon approval, we will finalize your enrollment so you can enroll on the first day of the following month. Should your application be denied, we are here to help with the state’s appeals process.

The BoldAge PACE Engagement Navigator will walk you through the enrollment agreement and any paperwork to complete your enrollment. We’ll explain what to expect upon enrollment and answer any questions you have.

Paying for PACE

PACE uniquely allows participants to use both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Once enrolled in PACE, there are no benefit limits, deductibles, or copayments for any prescription, medical care, or service approved by your PACE care team.


Whether you have a premium, depends on your financial situation.

  • If you qualify for Medicaid or are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid, you pay no premium.
  • If you qualify for Medicare only, you pay the Medicaid portion, plus a monthly premium for Medicare Part D.
  • If you are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare, there is a self-pay premium.

*If you live in or move into an assisted living or skilled-nursing facility, you may be responsible for a copay. PACE participants may be fully and personally liable for the costs of unauthorized or out-of-PACE program agreement services.


To learn more, contact one of our PACE Navigators at 855.801.2653, TTY: 711, or click here to be contacted by phone or email.

Your Care Team

Each PACE participant has a team of 11 professionals dedicated to meeting your medical, functional, and emotional needs. The Care Team works with you to create a personalized care plan designed to help you live your best life.

The independence you want. The care you need.