Revolutionizing Healthcare: BoldAge PACE provides everything you need to thrive.

To keep you living independently, PACE provides and coordinates the comprehensive services you need to remain physically, mentally, and socially healthy. From primary and specialty care to transportation and socialization, all-inclusive means we are looking out for all your needs.

The Focus is on You

Our skilled professionals take the time to understand your healthcare requirements, living circumstances, and preferences. Together we collaborate to create a personalized care plan tailored to help you live your best life.

Caregiver Support

BoldAge PACE supports family members and other caregivers with training, support groups, and respite care to help keep your loved ones living safely and independently in their homes.

Dental Care

BoldAge PACE provides dental care as an essential component of our comprehensive services, ensuring that our participants maintain optimal health and comfort.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services are Covered. Your dedicated BoldAge team is available 24/7 to address any medical concerns you may have.


BoldAge PACE provides comprehensive medical care and services in the home, the community, and our PACE centers. We provide primary care in our center and have a broad network of contracted physicians, specialists, and other community providers to make sure you receive the care you need, when you need it. To make life easier, we schedule your appointments and provide transportation as well.

Nursing Home Care

BoldAge PACE is committed to supporting you throughout your entire journey. Our services extend seamlessly if you require nursing home care or end-of-life care.

Prescription Drugs

BoldAge PACE offers Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage with no copays or coinsurance. When you join PACE, you will receive your Part D-covered drugs and all other necessary medications directly from the PACE program Note: If you are in a PACE program, you will not need to join a separate Medicare drug plan.

Rehab & Nutrition

Our PACE centers feature spacious rooms designated for physical, occupational, and speech therapies, where our expert therapists provide personlized care. Additionally we have nutritional couselors available to offer guidance and support tailored to your dietary needs and goals.

Socialization & Support

At our PACE centers, we offer a variety of recreational activities, including music and art therapy, along with nutritious meals to keep our participants engaged and thriving. Providing services in the comfort of your home is a crucial aspect of our program. Additionally, our dedicated social workers tirelessly advocate for and facilitate services to ensure the well-being of our participants.


BoldAge PACE offers extensive transportation services to ensure participants can access the PACE Center for activities and healthcare services. Additionally, transportation is provided to all approved community-based medical services, ensuring comprehensive support for our participants’ healthcare needs.